Software Developer Mock Interview & Feedback

Software Developer Mock Interview & Feedback. Man drawing on a whiteboard during an interview.

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Use the controls above to listen to the practice interview with a real .NET developer. Click the button below to access the interviewers’ feedback.

The only way to get out of a crappy job and into a good job is interviewing.

Interviewing is a skill. Like any skill, if you want to get good at it you need to practice.

Brian is a real software developer who was looking for a new job. Although his interviews were going well, he knew there was room for personal improvement.

After enrolling in the Career Design Patterns Academy and taking the Clarity and Urgency pattern Masterclasses, Brian jumped at the chance to be the first Academy member to participate in a mock interview.

Academy Community

As fate would have it, Joe is another Career Design Patterns Academy member who used to work at a prestigious tech company — the very company where Brian wanted to work.

I asked Joe to join me in Brian’s mock interview and he readily agreed.

Academy members are a community of professionals helping professionals take the next step in their career.

Joe and I jumped on a call with Brian and set the ground rules and then launched right into the 30 minute mock interview.

After the interview, Joe and I gave a TON of actionable feedback to Brian.

The Value of Mock Interviews

After the call I asked Brian if the mock interview was valuable. This is what he said.

The mock interviews are extremely valuable. It’s a good way to practice without any negative repercussions.You get a lot of valuable feedback which a lot of companies don’t give you. [Chad] told me exactly what to work on. I think it’s amazing.

Brian K. — .NET Developer

Let’s break down the benefits of practice interviews, bullet-point style.

  • Gain confidence
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Receive constructive feedback
  • Low-stress environment
  • Learn what decision makers look for
  • Negotiation practice
  • More job offers
  • Better jobs

Do professional athletes show up to tryouts without practicing? Of course not! They do drills and work on their agility, balance and control while constantly improving their speed, endurance and skills.

Athletes work with trainers and coaches one-one-one and in team settings. They watch film and analyze what is working well and determine where they need help.

Every practice session is like a mock interview. Every drill is like a mock interview question. It is a chance for the professional to work on improving themselves so when they get the chance to take the field (or field the real interview), they are prepared, confident and capable of handling the pressure.

Download the Mock Interview and Feedback Notes for a Real Software Developer

Back to Brian’s interview.

After giving Brian feedback I asked his permission to post his interview, feedback and notes online to help other software developers. He agreed, providing I removed personal information. (I did.)

Fill out the form below to access Brian’s interview feedback.

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  • Interview Tips for software developers

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