5 Steps to Get a Job in Tech

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Developers often ask me “Should I even look for a job?”

Usually, they ask for one of three reasons.

  1. They don’t have a job.
  2. They are worried about losing their current job.
  3. Their current job doesn’t fulfill their desires.

What’s really going on

Some people want a new job but are unsure if they can get one. They worry about the local market, their experience and the competition.

They worry instead of planning and taking action.

Or, they don’t know where to start.

The right time to start looking for a job is NOW

If you don’t have a job, start your job search now.

If you have a mediocre job and are looking to advance your career, start your job search now.

If you just got an amazing job, start your job search now. There is no better time to prepare for your future than when the pressure is low and your confidence is high.

If you are asking the question, “When should I start looking for a job?”, the answer is NOW.

You need to follow 5 steps to find a job

1. Connect with your motivation.

Know what drives you. Tap into your desires. Be honest with yourself and don’t buy into other people’s dreams. You are unique and your next job should get you closer to maximizing your happiness.

2. Set a goal

Be specific.

Want a shorter commute? More money? Better tech stack?

Turn your wish list into a goal. Write it down. Don’t compromise.

3. Build a plan

After creating a goal, develop a plan to reach it. Use your engineering skills and harness technology to architect your future.

Plan to update your resume / LinkedIn profile, connect with employers in your community and apply to positions that meet your goal criteria.

4. Execute

You have to put in the work. No excuses.

No one is going to give you a pity job. No one is going to reward your laziness. Break a sweat connecting with employers and applying for jobs.

5. Adapt

A lot of folks fail to get a job in tech because they execute for a while and stop.

If it’s not working, change it up. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Don’t just adapt your execution. Go back to step 1 and take a hard look at your motivation. Is it big enough to keep you moving? Go to step 2 and revisit your goal. Are you being too picky? Are you dreaming too small?

Go through the entire cycle again and again.

Sometimes you have to be patient and persistent. The right opportunity will come around and if you are not putting yourself in a position to capitalize, the opportunity will pass on by.

Don’t fail — do this

Most people struggle with getting a job in technology because they are missing three key steps.

If you don’t have much experience in your market or if you like to work with your head down and your headphones on, chances are you aren’t as plugged in to the hiring scene as you could be.

Plug in to a career development community

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with confident, passionate professionals and you will raise your professionalism and hirability to match.

If you are an aspiring software developer just starting your career, there are a couple of resources to try.

#CodeNewbie on Twitter is used by people learning to code. Connect with others who are learning and see what is working for them.

CareerKarma app is a cool tool that connects coding students with coding bootcamps. They’ve got a warm welcome process and will support your journey from day one.

Career Design Academy is currently in beta. I designed the Academy to be the premiere place for IT professionals and software developers to get the resources, coaching and community support they need to get better jobs, make more money and have a bigger impact.

Get an accountability partner

Accountability is crucial to getting results in every area of your life. Why do you think so many weight loss and fitness programs include some sort of community / accountability group? Because their leaders know that when you work towards a goal with people who support you, you are many times more likely to succeed.

Anyone can be an accountability partner but the best partners are those who will pick you up when you are down, push you forward when you are stuck and guide you down the path when you can’t see the next step in front of you.

Need an accountability partner? Join the Career Design Patterns Academy and connect with our community of like-minded professionals who lean on each other to accomplish our goals.

Hire a career coach

A career coach is like an accountability partner on steroids. A good coach will motivate, inspire and lead you through the process of setting your goals and executing your plans.

Need a technology career coach?

I’ve been a hands-on coder and a hiring manager for Fortune 100 companies. I’ve helped hundreds of tech professionals take the next step in their career.

I can help you get your next job too.

Click here to view my coaching programs.

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